Thursday, March 5, 2009

What is Mungo??

Mungo is a magical place that exists only in my head... thus far. It was inspired by the Oakland Depot for Creative Reuse. But Mungo also has this marvelous coffee shop... with big sturdy tables and inspiring books scattered about so you can throw back a double espresso and start right in on your art, your project, your robot, whatever you want to build, go for it. Gather up the bits of miscellany we have collected and mold them into something better than anyone ever expected. There's also going to be a great space for art and tinkering classes for kids and adults.... all surrounded by a magical garden designed by Laurie with lots of little nooks and hideaways, and this amazing playground made of all reclaimed objects... and a stage back there too so we can have music and speeches and stories and dance parties, all sorts of joyous hullabaloo's.

A more wordless vision of Mungo that I have is some sort of tribe, 500 years in the future, discovers a huge pile of our refuse, a remnant of what is left of our civilization. Deeply overgrown and in the heart of what is now a jungle. The tribe uses these scraps and toss-outs in new and ingenious ways we never would've dreamed of.

I have no earthly clue how to go about making this business a reality. But this plum of an idea is in my head and seems nearly ripe for the picking, so in the hopes that I'll get a clue soon, I start this blog. To inch towards my goal in some small way. Here I'll collect ideas for reuse....... let me know if you've got any you'd like to share. Let me know if you've got a cool mil you'd like to give me... let me know if you have starting-a-business info you'd like to share... heck whatever you've got, hand it on over, I'm easy.

I think Austin would be quite keen for a place like this. And so it shall be.


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