Sunday, June 28, 2009

Cast-offs from the petro industry...

...transformed into a re-use wonderland for the kiddies? Brilliant!! This is the Geopark in Norway...
Found in Dwell magazine.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Woodslice walkway

Is it just me or does anyone else think that wood slices are soooo foxy? I think this looks so amazing. I found it over at Re-nest and they mention that you'd have to use rot resistant wood of course and a solid level base of sand to make it non wobbly, should you choose to make a pathway such as this. But I think you could use it to do some amazing interior stuff too... I'm sure Dan Phillips would use this stuff (and probably has) for a indoor floor or wall, just set in concrete and sealed with somethin'-or-other, and I could imagine making a FINE piece of art with a half-dozen or more slices, don't you think?

I see a lot of piles of wood set out at the curb for the trash man to take, and I'm pretty sure that when it's not specifically 'brushy collection' that's where that wood goes... the trash, the landfill. That ain't right. If you save your wood for brushy collection days, however, it will live another life as mulch and then back to the earth it goes, there's a circle of life for you, beautiful. But if you see someone else has been foolish and chucked a bunch of perfectly good wood, you can be like my Dad and snag it for firewood, or you can make something else cool with it, natch.