Monday, March 9, 2009

Put a (real) cork in it

This is a cork recycling box spotted in SF by Danny Seo. This collection box was placed here by Recork America, an organization that works to spread the word about the importance of using real corks in wine bottles. Corks are a natural biodegradable renewable resource (they come from the bark of cork trees, which cork oak trees naturally shed anyway) that are in danger of being totally replaced by synthetic corks. These natural corks can also be reused in flooring tiles, building insulation, craft materials and sports equipment. AWE. SOME.

If you'd like to read more about it or locate a place to recycle your corks, you can visit Recork America's website. Or you can give them to me. I decided that I am going to start collecting 6 different items. I have to start Mungo somewhere, but I want to start small and start smart. I don't want to start saving a whole bunch of stuff and end up drowning under a tower of clutter. So I'll just start collecting these six things, and if you'd like to pass along any of your bounty to me, you'd be doing me a solid. So far, I am just going to be collecting wine corks, bottle caps, and bread bag tags. I'll let you know when I decide on the next three or four things. Muchas gracias!

Now go forth and Mungo!

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