Saturday, March 7, 2009

Future site of Mungo??

Yes, it may not look like much, but it's my Shangri-La, plush with possibilities. This structure here has hosted such ill-fated ventures as Papa Pancho's, Johnny Chopper's, and many more. And what I would tell those once-hopeful entrepeneurs is this: On a street stuffed with sub-par Mexican restaurants, don't open another sub-par Mexican restaurant. Sorry, but Cesar Chavez (First Street) has Las Cazuelas, Chapala Jalisco, and Juan in a Million, and the lady who sells tamales out of a cooler outside the old Mr. MC's, and I think that's enough. But does the east side have a Mungo? And do at least 150 if not more artists call the east side home, such a staggering amount of artists that we have the East Austin Studio Tour each year so that hordes of eager onlookers and art aficianados can roam the wilds (not really that wild anymore) of the east side in search of art and experiences to tickle their pleasure bone? Why yes, yes, indeed this is true.
So anyway, yes. The face of the east side is changing and I think it can be either hideous condos and other invasive species or it can be cool stuff like Rio Rita, The Good Knight, Buenos Aires, Bird's Barbershop, Cafe Mundi, East Side Pedal Pushers, Domy Books, Karibu, Blue Genie, and ...Mungo.
So, this might not look like much, but it's got a vast parking lot which can be torn up at least partially to make way for my pleasure garden and playground, and for building some sort of structure for the aisles and aisles of collected reclaimed treasures we'll be offering, and then dreamiest of dreamy, way back in the back , this fenced-in yard with picnic tables and a stage. SO perfect!
So, in the main, very orange building which is already set up to be a restaurant, I would have my coffeeshop. I took pictures of two other buildings adjacent to Mungo that would be perfect for our classroom and workspace. Across the street is Los Inocentes, which I noticed was also for sale, which would be great for that purpose though most likely a little pricey. Then right next door to my Mungo fantasy is a little white ramshackle house which is not for sale at the moment but which would be ideal. I love the idea of having this pretty vast amount of space, our own little village with lots of different parts to it.

This may seem a little insane, me stalking these business establishments I have no way of buying, but a girl's gotta dream, don't you know. Someday I'll tell you about the other building I've been stalking for over a year now, where I want to open The Grubbery. Where all we serve is the perfect breakfast. But that is enough for now.


  1. DO IT!!!!! KAMI!!! DO IT!!!!!!

  2. And talk to Barbara Frisbie about doing it together.