Friday, March 6, 2009

Making candles

At the risk of stating the obvious, may I advise you to hang on to your old candle stubs, especially if you've sprung for some spiffy aromatherapy deal from Whole Foods. In a matter of minutes you can have yourself a whole new candle...

you know that's how Laura and Mary and Ma'd be doing it... except they'd have first milked the bees for the wax with their bare hands. Or something like that.

Anyway, I'd advise buying a cheap pot or two at a thrift store. Designate it specifically for wax related projects... I've also made lip balm in mine... maybe you could use the wax to do a batik project... world of possibilities. You need a double boiler, so fill a much bigger pot with water and set it a-boilin'. Put your wax in it and it shall melt. Find yourself a container of some sort.... this is another good reuse opportunity. I found some thick walled square glasses and a little glass vase at a thrift store.... obviously you could use any container you had laying around that you no longer had a use for... a teacup or even a paper coffee cup and tear it off after the wax has hardened.

Attach the wick to the bottom somehow. I used one of those little plastic tags that close the mouth of the bread bags. I've been looking for an idea for how to reuse those... though I suspect a dab of hot glue would have held the wick in place just as effectively.
Add some essential oil if you wanna and you have saved yourself $17 dollars for a new schmancy candle! Ma would be proud.

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