Monday, March 9, 2009

Underwater adventure seeker

I made this piece of art for my living room yesterday. I guess I should have taken a before picture, though it's debatable as to whether this looks actually any better than the motel art underneath. I painted the frame black and used images from some old books I scored on the same thrift store trip. I feel kinda guilty cutting up books but they were pretty grimy and probably supremely outdated.... you didn't want to read them, did you? If you wanted to read College Botany and Treasure Under the Sea you are more than welcome to them. They are only missing a few pages, so far.

About a year ago I got fascinated by feng shui and if nothing else I think what I've divined from my reading on the subject is that the art (or other embellishments) in your own home don't have to be 'good' (whatever that means) it just has to give you good energy. That to me was a huge lesson. I thought you had to have stuff that looked good to other people to show how stylish you were and what good taste you have. But you're the one looking at your walls of course a million times more than anyone else. So that has emboldened me to make my own art. Instead of worrying that it looks dumb I can just get the little zing of , "Ooh, I made that!" and that's gotta be good for mental/emotional/spiritual well being. AND of course it's just validated to me the importance of art. If you're looking at stuff at your home that gives you good feelings and then you carry those feelings out into the world, and it affects how you relate with all those other people out there... wham bam boom, world peace. I'm just sayin'.

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