Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My enormous outdoor clock

I'm really excited about this!! I have had this metal disk in my life for about two years now. I found it by the side of the road, and thought I would paint something cool on it for a big piece of outside art. But I didn't like my last two attempts. It finally all came together for me last week. I have long wanted an outdoor clock so I can keep track of the time during my classes. They are majorly steep, like $75 on up. I realized suddenly that I could dissect a cheap ol' thrift store clock and take out the clockworks, drill a hole in the center of this baby and voila, clock, oh I mean, wrap the clockworks securely in a plastic bag, voila, WATERPROOF outdoor clock. I can't tell you for surely certain that it is all hunky dory and will withstand a tsunami or what have you, but it is actually ticking away and telling time for the time being so I am truly psyched. Enormous outdoor clock price? Less than three dollars. PSYCHED!

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