Friday, August 21, 2009


I was just checking in at the wonderful reuse blog Give Me One Good Raisin and heard tell of a completely Mungo-esque business in London called Fabrications. Be still my beating heart! This woman takes the castoffs bits from local businesses and transforms them with a plethora of textile skills ranging from tatting to knitting to sewing and more. Check out her space... isn't it divine? She teaches loads of classes on all of the above, and above all else what brings tears of joy to my eyes are the wonderful and fun ideas and events...
the Rethink Rubbish kits for sale, the "Not Another Rubbish Christmas" gift wrapping service during the holidays, and the Wool-n-Dance,
..."The “Wool-N-Dance” is a dance floor with a difference - it's slippery and wet!
Dance to the rhythm of live music and fuse 100% British wool fibres into a giant carpet underfoot in all weather conditions.
Get moving, exercising and doing serious work but most importantly enjoying it!"
So fabulous... this is really the spirit that I want Mungo to have. Not grimly staving off environmental armageddon by making do and doing without, but enjoying what we have and using it all with creativity, ingenuity, community, joy, brilliance, festivity, revelry!

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