Sunday, August 30, 2009

Mungo visits Eastside Showroom....

... and finds loads of gorgeous refurbished mungo in full effect! We were totally dazzled by the beer tap... see it at right of the first photo... which I foolishly thought at first was a real periscope from an old submarine, until my husband clued me in... it's an old milk jug turned upside down. Halved wine casks store the wine, and there's countless other fascinating little details... I believe much of which is the very definition of steampunk... all the furniture and design was done by the owner, Micky Danae Spencer (more of her work can be found at and she was even sitting at the counter when we visited and was totally friendly and welcoming.
This place totally knocked my socks off, and TO BOOT, all the food was sourced totally locally! We didn't eat there, just had a beer, but we will be back. I can't tell you how tickled I am that this place exists on our very own East 6th Street... what a lucky girl am I. For more about Eastside Showroom visit

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