Thursday, August 27, 2009

Oh. My. Lord.

Well you know me and how excitable I am but this really is something to shout about. I can't even believe it... and in Luling, TX, to boot, a mere hour away from me! You can betch yer bottom dollar I'm gonna go out there in the next few weeks and confer with this fine fella. Thanks SO much reader Angel for turning me on to this!
I'll just let Brad Kittel explain this in his own words... and now without further ado... Tiny Texas Houses:

My goal is to show people what can be done with a concept I call Salvage Building, thus what you see is 99% Pure Salvage. That means that everything from the doors, floors, windows, lumber, porch posts, glass, door hardware, and even the siding has been saved and re-used to create houses that we hope will last for a century or more. I believe that there are presently enough building materials sitting on the ground to build much of the next generation

of housing. All it takes to make it so is pure human energy, spirit, and the desire to build something that will last for several lifetimes.

I also believe we don't need as much space as we have become accustomed to in this country. Therefore I have created Tiny Texas Houses to demonstrate just how

great it can be to downsize our

carbon footprint, simplify our lives, and live in a house with a soul that will be energy efficient as well as beautiful. Please join me for a tour of what we can create from what so many have chosen to throw into landfills. After a generation of having it all and wasting so much, perhaps it is time to consider keeping it small and preserving what we have before we waste more of our limited resources. Please check back as I unveil my ideas for a simpler world built from the past with the best trees we ever grew, the best hardware we ever made, and the best ideals we once had when we lived life in a different way.

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