Sunday, August 2, 2009

The gentle art of tea bag folding

... I tell you, there is a use for everything in this world, it's amazing! There are sites and sites devoted solely to the art of folding the little wrappers from whence you pluck your tea bag every morning. OK, I think most of the pictures on the site are made with origami paper, but it really is called tea bag folding and it's a fab use for those little foil squares, which you chuck 365 of into the trash each day if you have a cup of tea each morning, 730 actually considering there are two squares to each bag... 16, 060 actually if you have two cups of tea a day... OK the numbers are really getting astronomical here, have I convinced you yet? You could make some truly awesome art, just click here to begin.

And then there's Netflix origami, too....

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  1. amazing the crap you can learn from this interweb thingy...i was on alpha and your blog caught my eye.