Thursday, July 30, 2009

Make Mine Mungo

I've been simply mad for Mungo lately, and why wouldn't I be? It's lovely stuff, besides which, for one, I've received some lovely encouragement from overseas: Give Me One Good Raisin, a fabulous reuse blog stationed in England, came across li'l ol' Mungo and lavished us with praise, and that was so fun and exciting and flattering.

And, for two, you'll never believe it but (drum roll please) Mungo is poised to become a reality sometime soon, sometime really really soon, in the next year or so, probably. I've been hesitant to crow about it for fear I'd put the cart before the horse as they say, but it appears to really be barrelling along, picking up momentum and no earthly reason why it should stop. I'm teaming up with Lisa Stevens of GaGa and some other great folks and it really looks like we're really on our way, HOORAY!

And in the mean time, art from old blocks and some T-shirt yarn...
and click here for my original vision for Mungo, if you don't know....
Of course now it is a shared vision and I am so happy for it to be thus... but it was this little vision that started this blog going and got this ball rolling and gosh gee you just have to say that you can really, really manifest some cool, cool stuff if it is your desire to do so... I am utterly amazed, myself.

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