Saturday, July 18, 2009

groovy wall treatment

Hmm, that's a bit hard to see, but it's magazine pages shredded into strips and then papered onto the wall. I think it's pretty awesome looking, and it kind of explodes the myth that you have to get certified Grade 'A' wallpaper. My mom has one wall in her house that is papered with maps, and an upstairs bathroom done with Far Side cartoons and other entertaining reading for those private moments... she used laundry starch and it's been up there for at least twenty years and looks great... in this instance, found in the book Home Cheap Home: a room-by-room guide to great decorating, they recommend affixing the strips to your wall with a craft glue like Delta Sobo. Allow them to dry overnight, and then brush on an even coat of transparent sealant such as Miniwax Polycrylic. This is in the bathroom, too, so probably in another room of your house, you mightn't not have to bother with the (probably noxious) sealant.

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