Saturday, July 25, 2009

Reuse in the garden

I just received this craft o' the day from good ol' Martha and I thought it would be a fine repurposing project.... goodness knows there's loads of old pots lying around. And a water feature in your garden.... how feng shui is that? The instructions for this flower pot fountain can be found here. You could double up on the repurposing and fill this with graywater from your bath (which I'm sure would be plenty clear, unless you've been digging ditches all day).

I thought I'd tack on a few more garden ideas so this post won't seem too paltry. There's a handful of great ideas for what to do with your old leaky garden hose here. And at This Old House I found this lovely photo of a transformed ladder... of course there's no end to the stuff you could stick in your garden for vines to crawl up or for to stack planters upon... and don't even get me started about old bathtubs.... sure, you could fill it with flowers as a marvelous planter but why not hook it up to the water supply, create a nook with hanging plants or tall bamboo for privacy, and bathe outside in the summer, or use it as a kiddie pool... to me an outdoor bath is the very height of luxury, I hope we'll have one someday. I was inspired by this garden by Flora Grubb (who just happens to be my cousin-in-law).... the tub was obviously custom made so it's not reuse, but just go ahead and get inspired by this image, why don't you.... That vertical succulent garden alone is enough to make anyone's eyes start spinning in their head.

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