Thursday, July 16, 2009

Play kitchens and dollhouses..

...Made mainly of Mungo? Where do I sign up?

I've been kind of obsessed lately with these subjects lately, and the book Green Dollhouse has only fueled my fire... (you can also look at their website)...check out this one, Monopoly Manor, which features a shower curtain made out of a Wonder Bread wrapper, scrabble board for floor tiles, and a bathtub cleverly made from a bottle of bathtub cleaner... the possibilities are really endless when it comes to creative dollhouse construction and I'm cooking up a class, for adults this time, that I'll keep you posted about, so stay tuned...

I've also been checking out all these swoon-worthy play kitchens that are cleverly created from items otherwise bound for the dustbin.... OK, OK, that's not necessarily true... this natural wood one above was found at ikeahacker (the other was found here and they're so amazing and they are for sale, and since you probably don't

have access to many gigantic olive oil tins if you're swooning now you may want to shell out some bucks for one) but perusing these homemade play kitchens caused me to realize how totally do-able an utterly adorable homemade/mungo play kitchen would be. You just need some sort of cupboard-y type thing for the base, cut a hole in the top and put a metal bowl in the hole (and I've already done this so I know how now) and you know.... add a backsplash, a shelf, some knobs, paint on burners for a pretend-stove of some sort... whatever you care to dream up.

So, one trip to Blue Hanger and one roadside pick up of an abandoned cupboard later, and I have this-here pile of Mungo just waiting to be transformed... the sad thing is that we don't even need a play kitchen, we already have a play kitchen, but I'm just too obsessed and simply. must. follow this. or my brain might explode. OR something like that, I'm not really sure, but better not risk it.

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