Saturday, April 18, 2009

As if living in Hawaii wasn't awesome enough....

...they went and built a funky house out of all scraps and findings.

This woman inherited some land from her father in Hawaii, but didn't have much money to invest on building a house.... $500!!!!!! That is so inspiring. Let nothing stop you from building the house of your dreams, people, that's even way less than the houses of Dan Phillips.

I know it's a little small to see clearly, but one main wall is made from wine bottles set in concrete, the steps are made from old windsurf boards, and the crowning eclectic touch is that their bed is in the flatbed of an old pickup truck.

Brilliant. If you inherit land in Hawaii, let nothing stop you from moving there pronto.

This from the pages of Dwell magazine, house built by Chelsea and Bill Kohl.

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