Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Dreamiest playhouse of all time...

... and made out of leftover pieces (by the architect team Haugen/Zohar) from a nearby construction site, no less. I am absolutely staggered by this. I found this on the blog Studio G, and I just LOVE what she had to say about reuse:

"I find, when designing, that often the best ideas come when I have a very narrowed field of requirements rather than a wide open slate. That’s what I think happened here. By re-using materials and controlling cost in an extreme way, this innovative and beautiful design emerged. Do you find that to be true when you design?"

That really encapsulates what I have tried to say sometimes but always garbled it. It is why I think Austin Creative Reuse will be such an inspiring place. And why I think reuse, aside from being good for the planet and all that, also forces us to think creatively and think outside the box and look at things with fresh eyes. Which you are not inspired to do when the world is your oyster and you can buy anything you want at Hobby Lobby, Target or the internet for your project. There I go garbling again, but you know what I mean. Good stuff.