Thursday, October 15, 2009

Tiny Pallet Houses

You know those ubiquitous wooden shipping pallets... made out of cheap wood... often seen discarded at the side of the road? Well this smart feller started this blog outlining how to build a whole house out of 'em. In the wake of Katrina he was feeling a wee bit annoyed about people not having places to live and stuff. Just a wee bit.
Hooray! I get so excited when people can build something so necessary and useful (and seemingly unattainable, even) out of a perfectly reasonable, plentiful resource, which it is our common practice at the moment to discard.
Wow... I just had a vision of how the world will shift... when we move away from further depleting our natural resources and open our eyes to these abundant materials right before us. We'll be like Pa Ingalls looking ravenously out at the fruited plains and thick forests of the West... exceptin' it's mungo that we'll be building our houses and chicken coops and cars out of... there's certainly enough to here to last us for a few hundred years....

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